Thursday, 3 June 2010

Matching Ears & Eyes

We have a writer! Matt has been carrying around a cool idea for a low-budget horror movie for some time, but none of us had the time to learn how to write a screenplay and put it down on paper. 

The idea is simple, but perfectly suited to a microbudget production - around six characters, "one location" (one house, which may be several different spaces patched together in the end), and just enough CG to look cool without killing the animators.

So we've been looking for a writer, but of course those scribes we know who are fantastic are also very busy. Except one. He's retired. And he's Matt's dad. Strictly speaking he wrote radio plays, but with his ear for dialogue and Matt's eye for action, we may just have the perfect team.

It's been right under our noses, but none of us ever though to approach him! And now we have come to our senses and Matt has delivered a comprehensive story brief. At least communication is easy - they understand each other's crazy ideas in ways no one else could.

Working title is "CPU" and this show is now well and truly on the road!