Friday, 16 October 2009

The Journey Begins

A week ago, I sat down with two friends in a pub in Soho (London) and introduced them to each other. They are both young producers and the three of us naturally started talking about how to fund a feature film.

Andrew, a charming fellow South African, introduced us with great enthusiasm to The Dentist Method.

This was something he had heard about where you call up all the dentists you can find and persuade them to invest in your movie, mainly for the pleasure of doing something fun. Apparently dentists have both high levels of personal wealth and the highest suicide rate.

At first we laughed and ordered another pint, but soon we were inspired by this simple solution to all the funding drama and we began to ask each other – why not? What are we waiting for? 

So we resolved to form a team and get a feature off the ground. We also decided immediately that we are not aiming for the next BAFTA award winning project – our movie just has to be made, from idea to return on investment.

That is the challenge.

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