Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hawk, would you like to play a pigeon?

I feel like I want to end every single entry with an exclamation mark nowadays! We've just received the first draft of the screenplay, emailed over from South Africa. It's currently under the working title "CPU", but that's going to have to change soon.

I can't reveal too much, but the writer has certainly managed to get the central idea out there - housemates trapped in their new home and being forced by a computer to play the family roles of mum, dad, daughter, etc. It's such a relief to have someone on board who really knows how to write pithy dialogue!

Of course, there are things we already know will have to be changed. 

The end sequence involves aerial shots following a pigeon, and then some dramatic action around said pigeon. Matt is a CG wizard, but would a computer pigeon still look real ten years from now? Nope. Proper animatronics (like this ultimate favourite of mine) are insanely expensive, so that's out too. That leaves us with a pigeon wrangler - and all wisdom preaches: "never work with children or animals on a low budget movie". Andrew offered to contact a friend of his who has a trained hawk - a hawk dressed as pigeon? 

We might need to change the script.

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