Thursday, 2 September 2010

Birth Certificate

Our firstborn has a name! After a variety of cute and crazy suggestions, we have decided to call the film:

House Rules

This seems to actually very neatly summarise the plot, whilst also echoing the way in which young people live together in a house share. Of course, these rules are a whole lot scarier than "mop the floor on Tuesdays". And they are enforced by a machine - that can kill you.

So while we wait for the next draft of the screenplay, we are now ready to register our existence in the world.

In order to make the life of accountants and lawyers and stakeholders easier, every movie gets its own company. So while Devilishly Handsome Productions Ltd remains our umbrella company (and a key stakeholder in the actual project), the movie will be officially produced by another company. 

After all the title and tagline brainstorming we're now creatively drained, so we've simply called the company: House Rules Productions Ltd. A fat wad of paper has been sent to Companies House and we have invested our first pennies into the project - 20 quid registration fee.

Money has been paid. Now there's no going back!

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