Wednesday, 10 March 2010

"High concept as scary" (2 of 5)

The Second producer I met at the NPA Pitch & Connect Event. He had just produced a Scottish-funded feature. 

This guy and one of his directors were only mildly helpful. He really seemed to like the actual Mars idea and pressed me for details of the story, then said that he is a genre fan and I should not be ashamed to be making a genre movie. I didn't act ashamed, but he said in his experience a lot of UK higher-ups think of "high concept as scary".

  • name actor was recommended as a strategy for getting funding
  • actors agents in the UK are much more closed to reading indie scripts than agents in the USA
  • funding bodies have "their people" and even if it looks like they support random groups of people, upon closer inspection those people will often have worked with them before etc. Apparently tough to break in there.
  • get anyone famous you know, eg. another director, to endorse your work even if they're not involved in it and that will help a lot

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