Friday, 12 March 2010

Online Distribution (4 of 5)

The fourth producer of features I met at the NPA Pitch & Connect event did not introduce himself.

This guy was finding ways to shoot everyone around him down, so it was fun to bash heads for a while. I ran him through everything in detail and he ended up saying "well, you're doing everything right", which was encouraging.
  • your paperwork has to be airtight to sell to distributors/agents etc
  • keep it one location for a microbudget
  • private investment is the way to go, sell units
  • think of how you want to structure the recoupment schedule, eg. perhaps some talent first?
  • he reckons deferred payments on the Mars movie will be around 350k, so 450k budget in the end (without marketing)
  • he wasn't sure about online distribution, said no one has done it with success, but it's innovative and might work
  • online revenue is only 2% of a blockbuster's return
  • might cause problems with sales agents as there is no distributor set up that can handle global distribution (aside from maybe Sony Classics, Fox Searchlight, Paramount) , so we would have to exclude download & internet from our deal if we'd already done that ourselves and that might make our product less attractive to sales agents
  • the "first online movie event" could be our sales angle?
  • if we're doing this project just to get our careers off the ground then maybe we should be okay if it just gets seen everywhere and is hailed as an innovative distribution method and we don't make that much money
  • we should consider having an experienced co-producer onboard

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