Saturday, 13 March 2010

"Know your Voice" (5 of 5)

The last person I met at the NPA Pitch & Connect event was a producer/screenwriter who had written Endgame (2009) and owns a London production company.

This guy was really cool, obviously had a very collaborative approach to filmmaking and genuinely tried to be helpful. He preached more than listened, but it was inspiring nevertheless.
  • "3 to 5 million is a nightmare at the moment"
  • "know your own voice as a creative person"
  • "a lot of British stories are too culture specific and pessimistic"
  • your film's uniqueness is both its strength and its weakness, something unique may be too much of a risk for investors/distributors, but something the same won't work either, so you need to strike a careful balance
  • torn between safety and risk of the new
  • film audiences are different from any other kind of audiences. they are going out on a cold night and they expect to be engaged, so you can challenge them more. there is a higher level of interactive participation.
  • people in the UK do not spend near enough time or money on development
  • full time survival in the industry is the first goalpost to achieve
  • a lot of the people in the industry have business degrees and are business people first, so that's the language you have to learn to speak
  • always up-sell your product! He reckoned we should call our film a "1 million" budget
  • it's a game, so play the game
  • expectation building worked for Twilight, so he thinks it could work for us
  • make sure you know what the next project in line is
  • once we release our movie online, there will still be a lot of people who won't know it's online, so he thinks there will still be appeal for sales agents and building the film's profile by essentially giving easy access to it all over the world may be exactly what we need, especially since our primary goal is a career goal and not a financial one

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